What Judy Is Fighting For

Increase Accountability

Judy will make it easier for Missouri taxpayers to know how our money is being spent. As State Treasurer, Judy plans to produce a user friendly, searchable Annual Report Card for Missourians to see exactly how their money is being spent.

Fighting for Missouri Businesses

Creating jobs is more than just talk.  It takes a balanced approach to business principles that ensure a well-educated workforce and thoughtful,stable, and attractive market incentives. Judy will work to educate and prepare young people with financial life skills and access to new ways of saving for college and career, owning a house, or starting a business.

Fighting for Missouri Families

Judy believes your pocketbook is more important than politics.  As State Treasurer, Judy’s first priority will be keeping your tax dollars safe and working for you. She will stand up for wages that help working families make ends meet and work to enhance low-interest loans for sustainable small businesses and family farms.

Fighting for Missouri Consumers

Judy believes property should be in the hands of its rightful owners, not sitting in a warehouse in Jefferson City.  As State Treasurer she’ll work to create easier paths for Missourians to retake unclaimed property. Judy will promote affordable housing opportunities that integrate child care and affordable energy.